Speed Queen® North American Sales Manager Shares Benefits of Advanced Equipment in Coin-Op 101


Speed Queen® North American Sales Manager Jim Rosenthal shared the benefits of the cutting-edge equipment with advanced technology in American Coin-Op's September Coin-Op 101. Rosenthal discussed how new equipment can benefit a store owner's bottom line through increased utility efficiency, tiered pricing and more. He also noted that new features on advanced laundry equipment can give owners greater control over their operations, which leads to greater profits.

"The laundry industry is changing and customers are demanding efficient equipment, more cycle options and a better experience," shared Rosenthal. "In order to run a profitable business, the equipment needs to keep up to meet these demands. Using today's advanced equipment, store owners have the freedom to manage their business the way they want, to not only maximize revenue and reduce operating costs, but also make decisions that will provide a better customer experience."

Read part one and two on the American Coin-Op website.

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