Speed Queen Expands Product Line with 100-pound Washer-Extractor


RIPON, Wis.  -Speed Queen®, a 100-year-old iconic commercial laundry brand known for its reliable and durable equipment, has expanded its washer-extractor product line with the addition the SC100, a 100-pound capacity washer-extractor.

This large capacity washer-extractor will allow laundromat owners to command a higher vend price than smaller capacity machines, helping to maximize profitability. The machine takes up the same amount of space as the SC80, the 80-pound capacity machine, making the SC100 an easy replacement.

Speed Queen is the only manufacturer that offers a vended washer-extractor in this capacity. More customers are asking for larger laundry equipment because and are willing to pay for the extra capacity.

Speed Queen's proprietary advanced inverter technology and innovative cylinder and sump system design offers the ultimate efficiency to help reduce operating expenses and further increase profits.

The SC100 is also equipped with the industry's one-of-a-kind patented Water Guardian technology, which detects drain and fill valves leaks. This offers owners peace of mind and best-in-class machine performance.

Easy-to-use Speed Queen  Quantum® controls are standard on the SC100 to further reduce costs and increase profits with options such as maintenance reminders and cycle modifiers. Quantum also allows laundry owners to manage their laundry from anywhere in the world as long as they have Internet access.

The SC100 has additional best-in-class features, such as a four compartment dispenser, automatic door lock, secure high-capacity coin vault, ergonomic door handle and front service access, and protected bearings, shaft and seal. It also integrates with most aftermarket smart card and credit card payment systems.

Speed Queen's exclusive focus on laundry has allowed the brand to create an unparalleled product development process designed to produce the most durable and reliable commercial equipment on the market.  The SC100 was developed using Speed Queen's Five-Stage Product Development Process. This rigorous process includes finite element analysis, component testing, life and load testing, field testing, and world-class manufacturing and quality control. These stages subject every design and component to extreme testing virtually, in a state-of-the-art test lab environment, and real-life field applications.

For more product information: 1.800.590.8872 or visit  /vend/en-us/products/hardmount-washer-extractors.aspx

Media Contact: Public Relations at pr@n-s.com or by calling 414.224.0210.

More about Speed Queen:

Speed Queen provides coin laundry owners with a variety of innovative and reliable commercial washers, dryers and laundromat equipment. As an industry leader, Speed Queen is dedicated to providing its market expertise to help grow the self-serve laundry industry. To accomplish this, the company offers Speed Queen Financial Services, which provides a continuum of stable, long-term capital solutions specifically for the laundry industry. The brand is an entity of Ripon, Wis.-based Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, a leading global manufacturer of commercial laundry products and provider of services for laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premises laundries. To learn more, visitSpeedqueen.com.

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