Laundromat Owners Discuss Technology Advancements in PlanetLaundry Magazine


In the November issue of PlanetLaundry magazine, Speed Queen® North American Sales Manager Dan Bowe speaks with three business owners -- Matt Andrade, owner of E-Z Clean Laundry Center, Sean O'Bryne, owner of Suds Your Duds and Brad Harris, owner of two central Missouri laundromats and regional sales manager at KeeWes Equipment Company Inc. -- about the technology they use to maximize profits, improve the user experience and simplify store management. Each laundromat owner discusses the technology and equipment controls they use, including cycle modifiers that adjust prices for hot and cold washes, revenue and machine operation reports, customizable wash programs and maintenance alerts that make off-site store management stress-free.

"Technology isn't only beneficial to store owners -- the long-term effect is that I am able to provide a better customer experience," says Andrade. "Not only is management more streamlined, but customers receive more options at the laundromat and know they're using the best equipment available. It's a win-win."

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