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A Premium Laundry Experience for Modern Living

Amenities like a pool, fitness center or new tennis courts are nice to have, but a quality laundry room is a must. Separate your property from the rest by upgrading your laundry equipment with Speed Queen Quantum® controls.

Increase Laundry Traffic with More Options

Quantum for Apartments Machines

If your residents feel comfortable doing their laundry on site they may be more likely to remain a tenant. Speed Queen washers and dryers with Quantum controls provide commercial quality results with easy to use technologies. Below are some of the ways that Quantum controls allow you to provide quality options to meet all of your residents' laundry needs.

27 Different Cycle Options

Residents can combine normal, permanent press or delicate cycles with different water temperature and soil level settings to complete the perfect solution to any of their laundry needs. There are 27 different combinations available.

Large digital displays.

Full-color, multi-language displays that are simple and easy to read. Includes a wash cycle countdown for residents to time out their rotations during peak usage periods.

Fast Washing and Drying Cycles

Laundry day no longer has to take all day. The "Speed Cycle," 30-minute wash and 45-minute dry times, and easy-to-use cycle modifiers deliver your residents the most convenient, satisfying laundry experience ever. By keeping their time in the laundry room short, they'll keep using your on-site laundry.

Top-Off Dryer Time

For added convenience, your residents can purchase additional dryer time before the current cycle is completed.

Additional Benefits for Property Owners and Managers:

In addition to the exciting features above Speed Queen laundry equipment with Quantum controls provide even more benefits.

  • Unmatched fit, finish and durability
  • Multi-level vend pricing for hot water conservation
  • Operational efficiencies that save you money on water and energy costs
  • Automated tracking of laundry room activity
  • Advanced analytics and diagnostics alert your laundry service provider to potential problems, allowing them to minimize downtime
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