Laundry That Speaks Your Students’ Language

It's no surprise that the current generation of students represents the most tech-savvy group of people on the planet. Uniquely familiar with computer systems, texting and the Internet, there is no better audience for Speed Queen's® revolutionary technology than the students on university or college campuses.

WashAlert™ with Service Alert

This premium add-on to our innovative Quantum® Controls will transform your university laundry into the kind of technological powerhouse that today's students will appreciate and use to its full potential.

  • Students can check a unique website or tune into their university cable channel to see the status of their laundry, including wash cycles and time remaining. They can also see how much time remains on the current cycle of every machine in every building on campus.
  • Students can choose to receive email notifications when their laundry is done.
  • Independent payment systems mean that students can choose to use their laundry or campus debit card to pay, or use coins.

In addition to these student-focused benefits, your Quantum Control, along with WashAlert™ with Service Alert, gives you an innovative way to get the most out of your laundry operation. Learn More.

Better for the Environment, Better for Your Bottom Line

This revolutionary technology is complemented by another aspect of laundry operation that is important to this generation of students - environmental impact. All Speed Queen front load washers are ENERGY STAR® qualified and are designed to use less water and less energy - and to make the most efficient use of what is used. Students will appreciate the conservation effort, and you'll appreciate the extra water savings and reduced energy costs.

Combining leading technology with superior-quality laundry equipment, Speed Queen understands the needs of colleges and universities more than anyone else in the industry. Plus, every component and technical feature of a Speed Queen laundry machine is built to withstand the rigors of high-traffic campus laundry rooms. Get a free utility cost analysis and let us help you find the right products for your university laundry.



Tools To Help You Write Your RFP

If you're currently putting together an RFP for your campus' laundry facilities, you can turn to Speed Queen for assistance. We've developed preformatted equipment spec sheets to help you write your RFP and ensure you're asking for the quality laundry equipment that your students and school deserve. Visit our College RFP page to learn more.

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