Speed Queen® Multi-Housing Unveils Quieter, More Efficient Solution for Laundry Rooms


RIPON, Wis. - (April 15, 2015) - Speed Queen® Multi-Housing, provider of commercial-quality laundry equipment for community laundry rooms, has released a new front load washer. With its redesigned suspension and advanced sensing logic, the machine delivers smoother cycles resulting in less vibration and noise.

Speed Queen Multi-Housing - Front Load Washer (trim)

"Apartment, condo, and dormitory residents often complain about machine noise that carries into their units," Speed Queen Multi-Housing North American Sales Manager Craig Madson said. "This issue was a key consideration while developing the new front load washer, which reduces noise by limiting vibration while providing superior wash quality."


With its revolutionary suspension and sensing technology, the new front load washer equalizes out-of-balance loads to deliver consistent and smooth wash cycles. This design also causes a reduction in machine vibration to deliver 2.5 times less noise than previous models, minimizing sound effects on units.


Other features of the front load washer include:


  • 440 G-Force extraction speed. This maximizes moisture removal from the load while reducing dryer time and lowering utility costs.
  • 20 percent larger washtub. With more capacity than previous models, it uses only six percent more water. Residents get their loads done quickly, with minimal effect on utility bills.
  • 10-degree tilted control panel. A more ergonomic design makes for easier readability and user operation.
  • Patent-pending baffles. New design cascades water throughout the entire load to ensure superior wash quality results.
  • Heavy-duty design. A rugged suspension system and stainless steel cabinet and tub combine to deliver long-lasting performance.

The front load washer is available with Quantum®, a control system that unites equipment, programming and management. With features including multiple vend options and transaction tracking, managers can work with their laundry service provider (LSP) to program machines for optimal performance and revenue, and view this information from any internet-connected device. Speed Queen's WashAlert™ with Service Alert, a system that allows residents to remotely monitor the status of machines, is also available with Quantum as a premium add-on.

"The Speed Queen engineering team pushed the limits during the development process, ultimately creating a washer that's a win-win situation for both residents and common laundry room managers," continues Madson. "By keeping their unique concerns in mind while designing the front load washer, the result is a machine that meets demands for a quieter, yet efficient, common laundry room."


For more information, visit SpeedQueenCommercial.com or call 1-800-345-5649.

Media contact: Marit Harm, 414.292.0217 or mharm@n-s.com.


More about Speed Queen Multi-Housing:

Speed Queen provides multi-housing facility owners and managers with a variety of energy-efficient and durable commercial washers and dryers. As an industry leader, Speed Queen is dedicated to providing multi-housing facilities with equipment to attract and maintain residents. Speed Queen is an Alliance Laundry Systems brand. Based in Ripon, Wis., Alliance is a leading global manufacturer of commercial laundry products and provider of services for vended, multi-housing and on-premises laundries. Alliance offers a full line of washers and dryers with load capacities from 12 to 200 pounds. To learn more, visit www.SpeedQueen.com .



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