Speed Queen® Multi-Housing North American Sales Manager Talks New Laundry Technologies in College Services


Craig Madson, North American sales manager for Speed Queen® Multi-Housing, has written a byline for College Services about the advantages of new technologies available for college and university laundry rooms. He shares the success Marquette University has seen in the last year with the installation of new washing machines featuring WashAlert™ with Service Alert, a system that allows students to view machine status via the Internet, while reducing hands-on management for laundry room managers. While incorporating this technology is advantageous, Madson also explains the importance of maintaining simplicity in a laundry room. Complicated functions can hinder a student's experience, while a control panel that offers multiple choices without over-complication can improve usability.

Marquette University's director of business operations , Rick Arcuri, says, "When we go into a residence hall meeting and ask 'What are we doing well?' the new laundry system comes up every time."

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