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From the world leader in commercial laundry solutions, Speed Queen controls provide the convenience and versatility for a truly premium laundry experience. From the most advanced data and programming technologies to elegantly simple designs, our wide range of multi-housing control systems will give residents a reason to stay home on laundry day.

Quantum® Controls

quantum_black_circlerQuantum® Controls unite equipment, programming and facility management into one integrated system that lets you:

  • Conserve on energy by establishing multi-level vend prices, premium cycles and top-off dryer times
  • Conveniently track laundry room activity and coin or card transactions
  • Program laundry room shut down times to manage access to your laundry room after hours of operation.

Quantum® Platinum Controls

A full-color, multi-language display gives residents the easiest, most convenient laundry experience ever. And special "Speed Cycle" and premium cycle upgrade prompts let residents customize their wash and dry cycles like never before.

Quantum Gold Controls

Uniting equipment, programming and multi-housing facilities management into one versatile system, Quantum Gold controls give residents more cycle options and convenience.



WASA 1 150x42

Available with Quantum Controls, residents can check on machine availability and remaining cycle time from an easy-to-navigate website.


Coin Slide

Reliable and familiar, traditional coin slide controls give residents a basic, no-nonsense laundry experience and clear cycle-status indicators.

  • Two Washer Control Options
  • Six Wash Cycles
  • Three Wash Temperatures
  • Four Dryer Heat Cycle Options



Combining exceptional durability with efficiency-optimizing features, our push-to-start controls provide versatility and cost-saving technology.

  • Push-To-Start Button
  • Six Water and Cycle Selections
  • Four Dryer Heat Cycle Selections


Commercial Homestyle

Striking a comforting and familiar design note, our commercial home-style controls offer residents a wide range of cycles in electronic or manual operation options.

  • Three Wash Temperatures
  • Six Drying Cycles
  • Three Fabric Types
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